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Create travel websites 10x faster without the hassle of maintaining your own CMS.

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Design custom websites without code

  • Create pages block by block

    Sliders, videos, grids… everything you need at your fingertips. Add the blocks that best fit the content you want to share.

    Create pages
  • No-Code customization

    Use our easy to use drag and drop editor to adjust colors, fonts, and styles to match the desired look and feel in seconds.

    No code
  • Total design freedom

    Create your own designs from scratch or from an existing one. Use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create without limits.

    Total design

Design faster with reusable components

Just like designers do in Figma, reuse blocks within the same project to maintain design consistency or import them from one project to another and customize them to speed up your workflow.

Reuse components

Start with an advantage

Hundreds of designs for your blocks. Find inspiration in the gallery, customize them to your liking, and add them to your site.

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Integrate your content on the web

No need to duplicate. Integrate with Banana and publish on the web the information you already have on your system.

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API integration

Push your own content to Banana and allow your users maximum design freedom while maintaining control of the data.

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Embed your own widgets

Integrate your own widgets into Banana to maintain complete control over content and design, or customize your widgets for each client using the site’s stylesheet.

Collaborate with control

With your team

Assign different roles to your team in your private workspace to collaborate on the creation and optimization of your clients’ websites. 

With your partners

Invite external collaborators to help you with the design, translations, or SEO of a specific project. 

With your clients

Allow your clients to edit their website content with an easy-to-use tool in a controlled environment.

A CMS built for travel

With the features you need to create your clients' websites.

  • Hotels

  • Campsites

  • Travel agencies

  • Tourist apartments

  • Hotel chains

  • Tour operators

  • Restaurants

  • Spa

Banana enterprise

We can help you get up and running in no-time.


Onboarding and training support

We work with your team in the initial projects to speed up the transition process.



Integrated into your suite

Single sign-on, custom subdomain, and white-labeled interface available.


On-demand phone support

Need help right away? You can always schedule a call with our Help team for live help with urgent questions.


Concierge migration

We can help your team with the migration of websites from your own CMS to Banana.

All features

Everything you need to create and optimize your clients’ websites.

Easy web builder

Create custom websites in hours without coding

Boost SEO performance

Handle SEO elements within the CMS, from metadata to image alt text and URLs.

Reusable components

Design blocks and reuse them across your projects.

Up to date CMS

We improve the platform so you can focus on what matters.

Bulk upload translations

Upload all translated texts for a website in minutes by dragging them directly onto the interface.

Total design freedom

Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create without limits.

Add your own code

Integrate your own widgets or add custom code in the <head> or <body>.

Multi-device design

Future-proof your designs by easily adjusting and previewing your layouts across multiple resolutions.

Track changes

Monitor significant content and design changes within the site activity Log.

Zero server maintenance

No updates to run or, packages to install. Just publish your site and let us take care of the rest.

Best in class support

A team of web experts to help you solve your questions and bring your ideas to life.

Powered by Amazon Web Services

AWS provides a global infrastructure supporting millions of sites.